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We've got all the cables, accessories, expendables, and problem solvers you'll need to help capture great production audio at the Big Game or elsewhere! And until February 3rd, a bunch of it is on sale:

Ghost Earmolds - Buy One, Get One Free!

Discounted products:

Code Switching


Get a 30% discount on any new Timecode Systems products when you trade-in two legacy products!

Eligible legacy units for trade-in are the WiFiMaster, MiniTX, MiniRX, MiniTRX, and MiniTRX+. Units can be returned in any working order, even non-functional.

Call or email for details, Offer ends Friday, February 15th..

Holiday Hours


We're open on Monday, December 31st so you can get those last-minute tax-deductible purchases in! Then we'll be closed Tuesday, January 1st!

Bend it like Zaxcom


The Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex adds a soft and durable silicon rubber case to the ZMT3, allowing the transmitter to bend and flex as necessary!

It's designed to keep both your talent and your transmitter safe when recording sports or other potentially high-impact scenarios.

The ZMT3-Flex is extremely lightweight (3 oz, with battery) and compact (4.8" x 1.7" x 0.4").  It has two microdot input connector for use with either a single mono or dual lavalier set-up.

Otherwise, it's got the usual selectable 25/50/75 mW power, 128 db dynamic range with Neverclip, internal time code recording, ZaxNet remote control, encrypted digital modulation, and other great features of the ZMT3 line.

It's expected to start shipping later this month. Initial supplies may be limited - pre-order yours today to ensure earliest delivery!

Sanken Treasure


Get a new Sanken COS-11D lavalier and get $50 off when you trade-in your old COS-11 or COS-11D lavalier - even if it's not working! We'll even wire your new lavaliers for FREE with almost any standard lavalier connector!

Call or email us to get started!

Offer ends Friday, December 14th! Limit two trade-ins per customer.