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Ambient Motion

Starting in April, Ambient Recording is adjusting prices on select items in their line. Some of the adjustments are small, but some are fairly significant. We've included selected items below and a full list of the price changes is available here. Order now to lock in the current price!

Model Current Price4/1 PriceDifference
ACN-LS Time Code Slate$1,248.00$1,356.00$108.00
QP 120 4'6" Extension$188.00$270.00$82.00
QP 480 Mini Boom Pole$483.00$504.00$21.00
QP 4140 Boom Pole$612.00$636.00$24.00
QP 6200 Jumbo Boom Pole$1,152.00$1,500.00$348.00
QS Boom Pole$876.00$912.00$36.00
QS Mini Boom Pole$660.00$696.00$36.00
QXS 550 Boom Pole$344.00$354.00$10.00
QXS 565 Boom Pole$426.00$438.00$12.00
Time Code In/Out Cable$81.00$107.00$26.00

Price Increase A-Comin'!

Starting December 1st, Sound Devices is increasing prices on select items in their line, including the 688 (+$249) and 633 (+$99) recorders, the MixPre-D (+$60), the HX-3 (+$46) and the CL-12 (+$100). Order now to lock in the current price!

Model Current Price 12/1 Price Difference
688 Production Mixer/Recorder $5749 $5998 $249
664 Production Mixer/Recorder $4949 $4998 $49
633 Compact Mixer/Recorder $3229 $3328 $99
633 Full Kit $3995 $4090 $95
552 Production Mixer/Recorder $3399 $3610 $211
CL-12 Linear Fader Controller $1995 $2095 $100
Wingman Connect $60 $68 $8
302 Production Mixer $1649 $1698 $49
MixPre-D Field Mixer $929 $989 $60
702 CF Recorder $2049 $2225 $176
722 Hard Drive/CF Recorder $2679 $2699 $20
HX-3 Headphone Distro Amp $409 $455 $46
MM-1 Mic Preamp $509 $559 $50
MP-1 Mic Preamp $409 $455 $46
USBPre 2 Audio Interface $879 $895 $16

We're part of the American Express Small Business program, so when you pay with your enrolled AmEx for any purchases through the rest of the year, you'll get double rewards! More details are available here.

I'll Still Have You, Sony, Boy

Sony Professional Wireless is a staple of audio packages for news crews; it's less common for feature film, television, and reality production, but definitely has the potential to be put to great use in those realms.

Sony has two tiers of wireless: a UHF line with Digital Signal processing and an all-digital line. Andy Munitz from Sony was kind enough to join us for a demo and discussion of both tiers, which we've included below (or watch the whole thing here.)

Sony UHF Wireless Systems


The third generation of Sony's analog wireless adds digital signal processing for great sound through better companding. It's available both as convenient, money-saving packages and as individual transmitter and receiver components for $700-$950 per channel. (Some mighty fine accessories are also available.) 

Sony Digital Wireless Systems

Sony's Digital Wireless line uses full digital wireless for artifact-free, non-companded high quality sound, increased range at lower power, even lower latency, spectral efficiency, and the ability to encrypt your audio. They're available in a large array of form factors from bodypacks and plug-on transmitters to dual slot and rack mounted receivers to fit any bag or cart set-up for about $3300 per channel. Sony has also made some excellent training videos available if you're interested in seeing the systems more in depth.

Wiring for Sony is available for most lavaliers - give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions!

Rise Up

An across-the board price increase for the Lectrosonics line of products, averaging 3%, will go into effect on this coming Friday, July 15th. However, we will honor the current prices for any orders placed by Thursday, July 14th, so contact us today!

This is the first Lectro price increase since November 2013 and reflects an increased costs for parts, materials and tooling.

Grin and Behringer It

(Above) Audio supervisor and author Cory Allen on the set of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

The Behringer X32 family of products was released two years ago among a sea of digital mixing consoles and has become a popular affordable choice for audio engineers to use for everything from middle school talent shows to big rock concerts. In the area of location sound recording, more and more mixers are finding ways to incorporate X32’s into their workflows. The various forms of the X32 offer a powerful set of tools that can fit into a variety of situations.

As with other digital consoles, the X32 is very flexible when it comes to routing and expansion. Inputs can be rearranged at the front end of the mixer’s channels, and each output source can be individually selected. The AES50 ports allow access to remote S16 and S32 units for additional input/output capability at up to 100m away. One of the most powerful features is the expansion slot found on all models in the X32 family, allowing them to interface with industry-standard protocols such as ADAT, MADI, USB & FireWire, and Dante. More on that in a bit.

The big thing that separates the X32 from the rest of the field... (Continued after the jump)

Journey to the Pole

Looking for the right boom pole? Here's a convenient comparison chart to help. For simplicity's sake, these are comparing the uncabled versions of each pole, but the internal cabling options are listed for each. Additional cost and weight for an internally cabled pole is not reflected in this chart.

If you dig charts, here's another handy one that will tell you which Pelican cases your boom pole will fit into.

(And, hey, if anything in the K-Tek line particularly moves you, they're all discounted until Monday, August 31st!)

Line Smallest Pole Length Largest Pole Length Material Weight Range Price Range Internal Cabling Options
K-Tek Avalon Aluminum
(3-6 sections)
2'4" - 5'9" 3'3"- 12'0" Aluminum 0.786 - 2.24 lbs $144 - $256 Coiled cable; bottom exit
K-Tek Avalon Graphite
(2-6 sections)
1'7" - 5' 3' -12'6" Graphite 0.688 - 1.328 lbs $129 - $561 Coiled cable; bottom exit (all models) or side exit (longer models)
K-Tek Klassic
(5 sections)
2' - 8'9" 3'10" - 16'10" Graphite 1.009 - 1.673 lbs. $465- $722 Coiled or straight cable; bottom, side, or flow-through exit
K-Tek Traveler Klassic
(6 sections)
1'10" - 7'3" 2'9" - 10'3" Graphite 1.09 - 1.82 lbs. $379 - $705 Coiled cable; bottom or side exit
Ambient QX Light
(5 sections)
1'8" - 6'5" 4'3" - 17'9" Carbon Fiber 0.981 - 2.039 lbs. $344 - $708 Coiled or straight cable; bottom, side, or flow-through exit
Ambient QP Feature Film
(4 sections)
3'5" - 11'4" 5'1"- 17'1" Carbon Fiber 1.631 - 2.469 lbs $483 - $612 Straight cable; flow-through side exit
Ambient QS Premium Feature Film
(3 sections)
3'5" - 11'4" 5'1"- 17'1" Prepreg Carbon Fiber 1.631 - 2.469 lbs $660 - $876 Straight cable; side exit
(6 sections)
1'3" - 4'10" 2' - 18' Carbon Fiber 0.981 - 1.5 lbs. $210.66 - $604.70 Coiled cable; bottom exit

Contact us today to order or drop by the store to try some out! We also carry a full line of boom pole accessories and spare parts.


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